Thursday, February 22, 2018

Yami's Winter Wonderfest 2018 Highlights

 When it is February, it is always a flood of temptations from the Winter Wonderfest! As for this year's i think there are less mecha stuffs that catches my attention since the new products are flooded more from non mecha series each year. So lets see which products that catches my attention!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Freeing 1/4 Kanzaki Sumire Bunny Ver Figure

 I never expect Sakura Taisen is getting more figures being a series forgotten by Japan. While it is not Kotobukiya 1/7 Figurine, this time Kanzaki Sumire from Teikoku Kagekidan is getting 1/4 Figure treatment by Freeing! The figure will be released around september this year with over 20000 Yen Price tag which is kinda expected for 1/4 scale. In Sakura Taisen, Sumire is the ojou-sama type of Heroine who appears to be haughty toward Ogami at first but kinda sweet girl when she opened up to him, in battle Sumire uses Koubu equipped with Naginata and specialise in Crowd Control attack. To be honest Sumire or Maria are the one who likely to get their figure treatment after Sakura considering their Popularity and i guess Maria will likely be getting one in near future. I will skip this one since 1/4 is out of my target but if there are 1/7 Figure being made, there is a good chance i will be getting it. Speaking of Sakura Taisen, i kinda procrastinate on the second game for three months already, gotta keep up i suppose.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Pokemon Gashapon Machine Toy Mini Mini Gacha Poke Machine XY&Z 19th Movie Version Review

 Japan has plenty of varieties for Gashapon toys but the ones that piqued my interest the most are compatible with 1/12 Scale figure as i start collecting figmas. One of those Gashapon Toys that i bought are Pokemon themed Mini Gashapon Machine which are made by Takara Tomy. These miniature Gashapon Machine make very nice addition if you are making Game Centre themed Diorama. This particular one is from 6th Generation Pokemon based on the 19th Movie of the series.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sampling on some Kotobukiya Kits

 Being the company's resident gunpla guy, i sometimes got assigned to assemble Sample model kits. This time Kotobukiya sent some of their model kits for my company to promote their products which i get hands on some of them. This time i am assembling Asra Ninja from Megami Device and as for  MSG Gigantic Arms lineup, i get to make Convert Carrier and Rapid Raider.

Since Mecha Musume is off my radar, i never collect Frame Arms Girl and its Equivalent. For Megami Device i think it is FAG offshoot lineup that is intended with more liberty on its design since it doesn't rely on Frame Arms for its aesthetics. While i think Megami Device's face sculpt is not as good as FAG, it is still miles ahead from Bandai's with their Fuminas. Just as usual, Kotobukiya's model kit require painting to look good but the flesh sculpt is not too shabby. Personally i feel that Megami Device would benefit more with removable armor system instead of parts swapping.

 I haven't been keeping in touch with Kotobukiya kit for a long time already and now their MSG lineup include mecha accessories alrd. The Gigantic arms model kits are intercompatible for Kotobukiya 1/12 Frame Arms Girl and 1/24 Hexa Gear figure use which are very versatile. Between Rapid Raider and Convert Carrier i really like the latter more because the Carrier has more modification potential. Though i think the Rapid Raider can be still compatible for Figmas with some minor alteration.

After trying these model kits, i think i will look more into the Hexa Gear Lineup as they have rideable Robot model kits now.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Figma 381 Lancer Scathach

  Considering Shishou is one of the most popular servant in FGO, she is bound to get a Figma eventually along with Cu. The figma will be released this august for around 7800 Yen price tag. I would say for three different expressions and two Gae Bolgs as accessories, it is rather overpriced but nothing new for Figma. Since i am getting Cu's Figma, i might as well get Scathach as well since they work perfectly as a set. For her Price Tag, it would have been better that Max Factory included her mask and veil from her first and third form but it is just that Max Factory are being cheapskate. Scathach is my first SSR servant from my early rolls, so Shishou is quite a special character for me in the series. I had her PVC figure as well but thats a story for another day.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Solatorobo 2nd Run

 Four years gives a good breather for me to do another run for Solatorobo and it is still a very good game and probably one of the best in DS. The game is still repetitive but had very good atmostphere and worldbuilding. Come to think of it the reason why Solatorobo gave me great nostalgic vibe is that settings-wise it shares alot in common with Megaman Legends series and can be considered as its spiritual successor to an extent. The game is still quite easy tho the Boss Rush can be a little bit challenging if i go reckless. By now i am on the early third Playthrough to get Dahak Omega but i will stop at this point until i get nostalgic with the series again. Seriously Cyberconnect can make Ver 1.5 and i will still buy it as long as they make the game have more Open World elements on it. Looking forward someday that i got an opportunity to play the game for third time using Dahak Omega.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Diaclone DA-14 Big Powered GV

 Diaclone series has escaped my Radar since it bears close resemblance with with Transformers which i stayed away from. But this toy lineup catches my attention as my company got this product arrived which i took a glimpse on it. From what i comprehend Diaclone is transformable Robot Toys with strong emphasis in playability which means it has tons of gimmicks! Takara Tomy apparently have toys in this lineup in 80s but they just did the Reboot move last year. When i was a kid, i was a big sucker for Robot Toys that you can put miniature pilot in it and Diaclone just fulfill my bill for the gimmick. One of the Diaclone toy that catch my attention is the DA-14 Big Powered GV which are Gigantic Robot combined from 5 Different vehicles which has its own transformation again and DA-14 happen to have the full package i am looking for. For now i will just wait for Takara Tomy to do a rerun so i can get this toy with Preorder Price. While Big Powered GV cost above 25000 Yen, with the quality which Rivals Bandai's Soul of Chogokin with the immense amount of Gimmicks, it is really worth it. I think what Takara Tomy needs to popularize this toy lineup is to oursource some Gaming Dev Company to make a decent Video Game out of this series to hype up the interest for the lineup and i will be keeping a close up on it too. Here is CM for the Toy by Takara which looks really awesome indeed!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Total War: Three Kingdoms

 Ever since i followed Total War Series through Shogun 2, i always wished for a Total War with a Chinese setting. Up until now Creative Assembly shied away from the Chinese History settings but they just recently announce one with Three Kingdom Settings. So far there are not much information about this title but i suppose CA decided Three Kingdoms as the settings as it is the most familiar one to western audience. I wonder if CA do enough for enough homework with Three Kingdoms period to create the proper game. But I still hope for a Warring States Period Total War which CA would likely make if the Three Kingdom version do well.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Pokemon Ranger Shadow of Almia

 From the beginning of this blog, i tried to steer away from Pokemon  because i had rather complicated relationship with the series. It was a love-hate with this one as i grew up playing Pokemon but got disillusioned how the series decline on 3DS partly on alienating the older fanbase. NDS probably is the best time that the Pokemon series had as it spawned plenty of decent quality Spin-offs. One of them is Pokemon Ranger Series and i happened to finish one of its installment called Shadow of Almia. I have played the first Pokemon Ranger ages ago and Almia is the second of the installment which happened to be in my backlog.

 Pokemon Ranger series is notable for showing pokemon natural behavior other than as fighting tool for Trainers. Shadow of Almia compared to its predecessor had several improvements notably with wide selection of Pokemon companion and somewhat okay storyline if inconsistent. Though i still prefer the first game when it comes to the selection of Pokemon as Sinnoh Pokemon's are just lacking compared to Hoenn. One of my least favorite thing about this game is the annoying amount of backtracking that this game has which i don't think the first game was as bad as Almia. In any case probably have more Pokemon content in the future including Review materials as well.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Yami reflecting on Year 2017

 Time sure goes so fast and it has been already 8 Years since Realm of Darkness started its Journey. 2017 is another important chapter for this blog and myself as i turn a new leaf on my life. Early this year i somehow managed to land a job in Hobby Industry and very grateful for the opportunity. The job itself might not be that perfect but getting surrounded with toys everyday is certainly a Collector's wildest dream! And by working in the Hobby Industry, Realm of Darkness itself saw some increase in activity compared to previous 3-4 years. For 2018 i don't really have much target but hopefully i can deliver more Quality Review for this blog. As much as i see storm brewing in 2018 onward for the toy industry, maintain your passion in toys and keep collecting! Here is my Hauls from the recent second half of this year