Saturday, May 27, 2017

Non Scale Twinbee Model Kit

 This is rather out of Blue for a Old School Series to get new Plastic Model but Plum did it. Whether it is for some kind of Anniversary, Plum is going to release Twinbee Plamo with price tag of 4000 Yen slated for October this year. Twinbee is one of the Konami Classic shooter series where one of its most known Gimmick is that in 2 Player Mode you can stick both Twinbee to pull out some powerful Shots. I started the Game from NES but really attached with the series with Twinbee Yahho! which i played quite a few times in Arcade when i was a kid. Twinbee also make its appearance in Parodius series which is quite fun Series. I wonder if Plum is going to release the Blue counterpart but the only difference is that it is Pink in Color and comes with a Ribbon. One of these days i should do some coverage for Twinbee Yahho which is available on PSP. Though it is a long shot, The Twinbee Plastic Model and Castlevania Animation might be part of the attempt of Konami trying to get its act together which might be a good thing if the gesture is genuine.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

MG 1/100 XN Raiser

 Few Years ago Bandai released XN Raiser parts for HG 1/144 00 Gundam as a part of Hobby Japan Exclusive. I remembered the exclusive deal created quite a fuss as people hoarded the particular Hobby Japan just for the XN parts and scalped them for considerable price. Now as a part of 10th year of 00 Gundam series anniversary Bandai released XN Raiser again as Master Grade. The catch is that the kit will be P-Bandai Exclusive which is kinda hard to import without a reseller. XN is slated for July 2017 with the price tag of 8000 Yen. If you think your 00 Raiser doesn't have enough sword then XN would be another good addition apart from Seven Sword for 00 Gundam. Though i personally find regular 00 Raiser is overkill already and the bulk that XN added doesn't make 00 Gundam able to fight melee properly. The XN Buster does look cool but 00 Universe it feels out of place and a lazy copy of Astray Gundam's tactical arms. If you happen to live in Indonesia, Multitoys opened a preorder with rather good price which you can check Here but the Preorder closed by 21 May so better grab it fast!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Total Warhammer 2 Lizardmen Faction Trailer

 I don't talk much about Western Games in my blog but this news is noteworthy enough for me to make an exception. As a closet Warhammer Game. i am very thrilled that Lizardmen is one of the faction that will make it into the second Total War: Warhammer installment. While i never play the tabletop game, Lizardmen is the faction that i find to be the coolest! Who doesn't like Jurassic Park and Warhammer Lizardmen allows you to field Aztec Dinosaurs riding on Dinosaurs. For now only three out of four Factions to be revealed in Total Warhammer 2 but many people speculate that it will be Skaven. Even if it is not, The Skaven will make into Total Warhammer eventually because these infighting rat people are the most amusing faction in the series. As for the WHFB series itself, i do hope that Games Workshop will lend its IP to someone to release some more accessible boardgames, I like my Chaos in the Old World but i don't mind some Warhammer-themed Talisman!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Double Zeta Gundam

 Guess Iron Blooded Orphans make me decide to marathon my Gundam Anime backlog and went for Double Zeta after Unicorn. As a Gundam series ZZ is still a decent one but plagued by many problems stemming from the burden of being Zeta Gundam successor. For me, the main issue with ZZ is that it feels that the series are not focused which results in Half Baked characters and rather shaky if not wacky beginning. The first Half of the series is rather unbearable but the second half of ZZ do get better and now i get to see the infamous "Moon Moon"! The Protagonists in ZZ are definitely overshadowed by Zeta considering the Shangrilla Misfits are nowhere as good as Liutenant Quattro team and they survived mainly due to sheer luck. However Judau Ashta is one of the most likeable UC Era protagonist and i liked him better than Amuro or Kamile. This is because he is one of the most compassionate Gundam Protagonist out there without being too hypocritical and manage to retain his humanity even after going through horrors of war. Heck even he still managed to be badass in Late UC whether it is canonical or not. No doubt with his Personality, Judau would really get along with Garrod from Gundam X

 Fluff-wise the main points that i grasp from ZZ is that EFSF are already hopeless at this point and the biggest tragedy is that AEUG fight to maintain the stagnant status quo. I can see how the events in ZZ precipitated to Char's fall to Despair and lead to CCA event. Had Neo Zeon didnt collapse due to Civil War, i guess some better reform could have existed and i would look forward to see ZZ alternate take on next Gihren's Greed. With ZZ finished, i have watched most of Universal Century titles save for V Gundam and the Recent Thunderbolt and overall i got 3 Gundam TV series left away from completion. As a Gundam series, Double Zeta might be weak title but it is far from the worst though watching the series straight after Zeta do give you some shock Therapy.

 Also from ZZ Gundam, now i get why Elpeo Ple is such popular character at its time. Had she not died in the series, i think she has the best chance to be Judau's lover. But SRW gave plenty of consolation for such scenario already and in any case have some Purus!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Gundam Unicorn Finale thoughts

 Very late to the party on this one but managed to finish this Gundam OVA. While it is not the conclusion that i prefer for Universal Century, Gundam Unicorn has a fitting end to wrap up the early UC timeline. Unicorn will be remembered as the series that has one of the best mecha fight animation in gundam franchise but it is still riddled with issues. To me i just find the Gundam Unicorn tried too hard to shove its message to its viewer which is translated into Banagher Links aka Banana, one of the most idiotic mary sue Gundam Protagonist.

 The Laplace Box reveal does make sense but at the same time it makes the whole conflicts until UC Gundam feels futile. I understand the intention for the Anti-War Message, but the Laplace Box just makes the cause of struggle between Zeon and Federation are baseless to the point of being disrespectful. Nevertheless at its core i can see that conclusion of Laplace Box is that a well intentioned lie can snowball into nightmarish vicious cycle. It is just depressing that good characters in previous Gundam series struggled and literally died for nothing when the truth being revealed.

 With this i guess i can stomach the Gundam Unicorn stages in SD Gundam Genesis. But seriously i don't really like how Bandai put too much spotlight on this series because it just got too many magical hax bs. I still wonder if the existence of UC Gundam makes the Late UC titles being retconned too. For now i am just curious how Sunrise will handle the transition.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Chogokin Guruguru Doraemon

 Doraemon series is one of the most memorable childhood for majorities in Asia and now it seem that Bandai is going to exploit it by releasing some interesting toy for this series. Slated for September this year, Guruguru Doraemon has some interesting tricks on its pocket For 8000 Yen Price tag. This Doraemon diecast toy has couple of gimmicks to live up to its title, an onomatopoeia for spinning in Japanese. Guruguru Doraemon has neat gimmick that by pushing down Doraemon's it will either change its expression or literally take out of something from its pocket. This toy serve as Spiritual successor of GachaGacha Doraemon which was sold around 10 years ago which certainly a step up from its predecessor. I will probably keep watch on this toy because for 8000 Yen price tag, the gimmick is rather lacking for now because this version only comes with 8 Tools which was lesser compared to its predecessor. I think if the response is positive for this item then probably Bandai will release more accessories. Lastly i think with 8000 Yen, Bandai could have added voice effect for the toy. Just watch the official video below for better look on Guruguru Doraemon's gimmick.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

AFA Creators Super Fest 2017

 Went to this event in Jakarta as some of my acquaintances opened some booth on that place. This makes my first time attending AFA related event in Indonesia. Creators Super Fest is basically mini AFA event which focus on fandom circles. As always nothing much to do in this event if you are not cosplaying or shopping stuff. However for such a small event, the enthusiasm of the event is quite good though. On the other hand i am quite surprised with the talent level of illustrators in Indonesia. From the range of the fandom stuff they sell here in this event, the illustration quality are quite good. While it is not as good as the one in Singapore or Australia yet, Indonesian's creative talent still have potential for more growth. Just as always, this kind of event could use some more Japanese Karaoke machine.

My Haul from the event

Friday, April 28, 2017

Yami's Guide for Joysound TV Plus on Vita TV

 So do you like to sing Japanese Song? But there are no Japanese Karaoke Bar nearby or If there is one it is outdated and overpriced? Worry Not! If you have PS4 or Vita then you are able to access Joysound TV Application which is no doubt a godsend for those who like to sing Japanese songs yet live outside Japan. Joysound is one of the biggest Karaoke Machine company in Japan apart from DAM and they extended their service to Playstation Console few years Ago.  I decided to write a guide for Joysound TV because i went through so much trouble to get a working Vita Japanese Karaoke Setup without a guide and hope to help other people with the similar passion to achieve the same thing easier. Even though trying to set up your own Japanese Karaoke entertainment on Playstation seems challenging, with a little bit Knowledge of Japanese and some dedication you will make it out. While this Guide is focused on Vita TV, the general setup is similar for PS4.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sega SPM Figurine Hatsune Miku Innocent Review

 One of my Acquisition from AFA SG last year which i got for 20 SGD. I used to follow Vocaloid through Project Diva series but i am kinda indifferent toward it now. This is my first and only Hatsune Miku Figurine so far since i kinda liked the Song which the costume was based on.

たいを する
こので えてしい

 Miku Innocent dress is from Vocaloid Song called Acute made Kurousa-P one of the top tier Vocaloid Composer out there best known for Senbonzakura. The song is all about Love Triangle which Miku played the role of Heartbroken Maiden betrayed by her lover and best friend. The reason i bought the Innocent version of Miku is because it is one of few costume that brings the "Maiden falling in Love" quality for Miku. In terms of quality, you are getting what you are expecting from Ufo catcher-tier figure where it got decent sculpt, but the face looks derpy upon closer inspection. I doubt will get Acute version of Kaito and Luka considering i am not a big fan of Vocaloid anymore. But if i ever get another Vocaloid Figurine, i might consider the Hanairogoromo version as primary choice.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Final Thought


 With Iron Blooded Orphans finished airing early this month, a while ago i gave the series a quick marathon and finished the last episode recently. After the flop from Gundam Age and Reconquista, i guess Sunrise did try to put more effort with Iron Blooded Orphans. While IBO Second season got some Significant flaw. Nonetheless i think IBO still managed to achieve its main objective, to reboot the interest of Gundam series which it did with Flying colors. But if Iron Blooded Orphans was not a Gundam Show, i think IBO could have gone even more grimdark.

 Iron Blooded Orphans strongest point is its storytelling, which is very good by Gundam standard. Using Child Soldiers as the main characters does make powerful anti-war message after all but the clever deconstruction of Gundam Tropes plays a huge part in my opinion. For a Gundam series, Iron Blooded Orphans ends with rather bittersweet note. But in the process, IBO breaks most of the convention that the previous Gundam titles made and at the same time cements its position as a Solid Gundam series, possibly one of the best Alternate Universe title by far. Apart from the story, IBO got some good fighting scene as well with the brutal nature of the combat helps to emphasize the message that the series try to deliver. The Mobile Armor fight in Episode 36 is certainly some top tier stuff.

 If i have to mention the series flaw. The Second season in IBO felt kinda rushed especially after Episode 36 for some reason. This plays a huge part for the Char Clone of the series causing its character stunted thus lead the final showdown less climactic. I think IBO could have another 12 Episodes to conclude properly. As for the mecha design IBO is rather weak compared to SEED or IBO. Mainly due to poor grunt unit designs and the Cool units doesn't have enough screentime despite it got some moments, but it is just not enough. On a side note, i think some IBO Mecha design are heavily inspired from Five Star Stories especially with that anorexic waist