Monday, November 20, 2017

HGUC 1/144 MS-15 KG Gyan Krieger

 For Gunpla i only care about 1/100 Scale Master Grade or its equivalent but this is another Exception straight after PG Exia i suppose. Slated for next year as P-Bandai exclusive with 1800 Yen, we are getting a model kit for Gyan Krieger at last! Gyan Krieger is an original Mobile Suit from Gihren's Greed being the Ultimate MS from Gyan family tree, Gyan Krieger serves as the counterpart of Gelgoog Jager should Zeon choose Gyan for its mainstay MS line. In Shin Gihren it is not the best unit Zeon could field in OYW but this thing literally murder everything in Melee! I had nightmares when i play EFSF campaign when facing these units but when i played as Zeon, i steamroll every EFSF unit that caught into melee with Krieger. As much as i love this MS, i won't be getting the kit since i only collect 1/100 Scale kits. Here is the Bios for Gyan Krieger from Shin Gihren

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thermae Romae

 By far this is probably the best manga that was based on Roman Period and it was an award winning too. Ad Astra might come close but Thermae Romae simply is the best of its kind for making a solid series using Bath as the theme which straight makes it one of a kind manga. Taking on the period of Five Good Emperor Period, Thermae Romae narrates the story of a Roman Public Bath Engineer, Lucius Modestus. Whenever Lucius in need of inspiration, he somehow transported into Modern Japan and got into misadventure and gaining his needed inspirations in the process. Using Bath as a manga theme might sound weird but the Mangaka did a good job to keep the story interesting. The Mangaka couldn't done without intimate knowledge of Roman Civilization which she probably got from her study in Italy. Thermae Romae has finished its serialization in 6 Volumes which has got official translation though u can still find it hosted online even though it is harder to find. One of these days i probably give the movie a watch too despite FujiTV cheated the mangaka for her IP right.

Friday, November 10, 2017

1/60 Perfect Grade Exia

 Perfect Grades are usually out of my radar since i only collect MG and its equivalent. But i might as well make an exception for Exia since i get firsthand account on the kit being a perk working at a Toy Company. Slated for December Release PG Exia is released in the commemoration of Gundam 00 series 10th Anniversary and it comes with two versions, Regular and LED costing around 18000 and 32000 respectively. The LED Version is different with previous LED Gunpla as it is capable of changing into different color. Since i got the opportunity to grope around the PG Exia, surprisingly i find Exia's PG design is rather simplistic. From the exterior it doesn't have much difference in terms of structural design when compared to MG but i am sure the inner frame proves otherwise. I thought for PG you don't need to swap the hands anymore but it appears to be otherwise for Exia. The LED Version looks cool when it is lit up but unfortunately personally i dont think it worth extra 14000 Yen. In order to lit up, the PG Exia needs to be attached at the stand base as the power source are stored there. The LED Structure model appears to be the same with PG Unicorn and for Exia's LED it got 3 different lighting modes. I guess highly complex standalone LED unit for PG is still a faraway dream but for Exia i am quite content with my Ignition mode for Exia. Just click the read more button to look at the shot i took for the PG Exia which is not exactly the best.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

CMS Corp Yuusha Heroine Collection

 CMS Corp was one of the best supporter for niche mecha series toys and it did great service for Yuusha series. I was lucky that i managed to get the whole set for literally five bucks but at the same time felt sad that how unappreciated these products are. It is a sad thing that CMS Company went bankrupt 3 Years ago and it was quite a mess too.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Metamorforce Baikanfu GET!

 By far this is my most expensive purchase for Toys beating my Huckebein Boxer Model kit which i got for 14000+ Yen. Got this Metamorforce Baikanfu for roughly 38000 Yen which is good enough considering it generally will cost more when Shipping is considered. While i find Revenge of Chronos Anime to be a crappy Mecha series, Baikanfu's Stellar performance in SRW MX is good enough to make me become its Follower. From the first look of the Toy, i feel slightly disappointed with this Sentinel's take on Baikanfu because it sacrifice too much of its articulation. I can't ask for more with the Sculpt but articulation just leave alot to be desired. With the articulation issue haunting this product, Metamorfoce failed to fully surpass Bandai's SOC Baikanfu even though it has the potential. Someday i will definitely do a proper review that the Toy deserves.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Sakura Taisen 2 New Playthrough

 As my Sakura Taisen 1 Playthrough came in full circle, it was the perfect time for me to continue on Sakura Taisen 2 from where was i left off. Barring the Visual department i think Sakura Taisen 2 is the best Sakura Taisen game overall as all of the game aspects are well balanced. In Sakura Taisen 2 the Ninth Chapter is the part where the Game started to focus on One Heroine and you get to pick 4 out of 8 Teikoku Kagekidan Maidens to pursue serious relationship with. Back then i managed to score routes for Sakura, Sumire, Maria and Reni which makes this is my 5th Playthrough. And this time i am able to open the rest of the missing Heroine route which are Iris, Kohran, Kanna and Orihime. It is rather tricky since i have to ignore previous heroines even for my favorite Teikoku Kagekidan Heroine, Sumire. For now i will do abit backtracking to gather some more missing CG for the Heroine but it should be done quite fast.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Indonesia Comic Con 2017

 I think this is one if not the biggest Pop Culture event in Indonesia which is leaning on Western Pop Culture series instead of Japanese one. While i am not interested with Western cartoon series in general, since my company opened up a booth i might as well look around.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Metal Build Arbalest

 With the announcement of new anime season for Full Metal Panic, we will be expecting influx of FMP related merchandise! As for Bandai, they already contribute their part by announcing the release for Metal Build Arbalest. MB Arbalest is planned to be released on March Next Year with price tag around 21000 Yen. It was a strange turn out of event that Laevatein got released first for this Metal Build Lineup before Arbalest. While Full Metal Panic series animation got delayed for 10 Years due to stupid reason, i think the delay prove to be fortituous for Toy Industry as by now they can release better quality product. I would have got this one if i didn't have my complete set of Uruz Squad with the Aoshima Kit. Perhaps we will be even seeing some figurine for Chidori or Tessa soon.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sakura Taisen 1

 The Storm of Romance under the Cherry Blossom of Taisho Era! It has been three years since i get into Sakura Taisen and i really enjoyed every moment that i commit with this series. It was no doubt that Sakura Taisen is a legendary series and doubt there will be another one to reach its level. With my complete journey over the first game i think the series seserve a proper article just like the one i wrote for Sakura Taisen 3. For the first 2 Sakura Taisen i played them on PSP which is great experience for being able to play such great series on the go.

Sakura Taisen 1 Heroine CG

Sakura Taisen 1 Ending CG

Friday, October 20, 2017

Kento Ankokuden Cestvs

 Not as good as Thermae Romae but it is another interesting take on Roman Empire period. Taken the setting during Emperor Nero Rule, Kento Ankokuden Cestvs tells the story of a young slave Gladiator named Cestvs/Cestus who under tutelage of former Champion Gladiator fights for his freedom as a Pugilist. While the author did try to balance the historical element and boxing scene, the manga ends up to be Roman Period version of Hajime no Ippo. To be honest the main weakness of the manga is that it uses modern people mentality for the protagonist personality which just doesn't work in a harsh setting for Roman Period Slaves. The manga starts out promising but ends up mostly to be unrealistic as Praetors fight with their fist and the main antagonist is pretty much Raoh's clone. The Ankokuden serialization finished in 15 Volumes but later continue as second series called Kento Shitouden where the main protagonist is already full fledged adult pugilist. One of my favorite game called Gladiator Rising definitely took some inspiration from this series.